Friday, September 14, 2012

Tomorrow's Beauty Blowout! Maven's Beyond the Blush Event

Tomorrow's going to be a blushing beautiful day for all registered beauty mavens! I'm one of the privileged attendees tomorrow. Excited to be part of this big event. Hope to see you there! :) 

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Product review: ELF Studio Stipple brush

Here's another E.L.F. product review, the  E.L.F. Studio Stipple brush. I opted to buy this brush mainly out of curiosity. I've been getting mixed reviews, so might as well try and experience it for myself. 

Again, E.L.F. never fails to give reasonably priced items for its consumers. For Php249.75 I think the price is just right. (although it's cheaper online) This is how the brush looks like:

The brush felt smooth but it's not that dense. When I first washed it I didn't experience any fallout and there was no bleeding. I also didn't experience any fallout when I first used it on my face. (Great job for this one!)

I first tried this using my liquid foundation but unfortunately, I was not satisfied with its performance. Since the brush is not that dense it took me a long time  stippling to achieve the so called "airbrush" look. I was about to give up on this brush until I tried using it for my NYX rouge cream blush. I love how this brush gave me a soft blended and very natural look on my cheeks. Sorry this is the best shot I got. I hope you can see the blush. :)

At times, the saying "You get what you pay for" really holds true. At a cheap price I don't think I can really complain that much. :) However, this brush can be very useful in applying cream blushes since you only need to cover a small area to use the brush. I really love how it worked on my blush. Will I recommend this brush? Yes, I will, but only for cream blushes. You can save your denser stippling brush for your liquid foundation. 

Do you have your own ELF Stippling brush? I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Product Review: NYX Lip Smacking Color Lipstick

Hello ladies! It's been a busy week at work so I didn't get the chance to blog but now I'm back. :)

I will be reviewing 2 NYX round lipsticks: Tea Rose and Chic Red. These are pretty affordable lipsticks, I bought them for Php149.75 from Stuff in Style at eBay.
Tea Rose
Chic Red
NYX is a good brand, especially for beginners who practice a lot like me. Since it's not expensive, you wouldn't really feel guilty in using it often. Here are pictures of the lipstick when applied:

Tea Rose
Chic Red
I like them both but personally, I prefer the Chic Red on me. It complemented my morena skin better and I love the coverage. The Chic red gave me a semi-matte finish while Tea rose gave me a bit glossy finish. In terms of lasting effect, Chic Red stayed on my lips longer than Tea Rose. By the way, I applied Chapstick plain lip balm to prevent my lips from drying/chapping.

I guess I will be sticking with these until I get myself MAC lipsticks! :) 

I have other NYX purchases from Stuff In Style which I will be reviewing later on. 

P.S. Seller is really nice and was quick to respond to queries. Turn around time for shipping is quick. :)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do you Fancy Flats? :-)

Back in college I never really love wearing flat shoes. I'm 5 feet flat, and I always wear heels or wedges to cover up for my lack of height. I've always wished I was taller, but I guess I was asleep when God gave the gift of height. Lol! Now that I'm all good with my height, I've come to love flat shoes. :-) Actually, I find it more comfortable wearing flats, especially that my work requires walking from one site to another.

I've known Fancy flats for a while, but I haven't bought one not until I tried on their black Giada flats at The Ramp, Glorietta. I instantly loved it. It's plain and classy, not plain boring. :) I love how Giada makes my wide feet look slimmer. I bought one pair at Php645 ($15). Well, unfortunately for me, size 6 didn't fit me well. It fits me but I can't wear it for too long. (I don't have the most perfect feet so I don't blame them. Hehe) But since I love how classy it looks I decided to pre-order online, but this time I bought one size bigger. I paid on Tuesday afternoon and got the shoes on Thursday. 

This is the package I got:

Though the shoes are a bit big this time, (I told you I have irregular feet. Lol!) buying a shoe cork did the trick. :) My toes fit better and feels more comfortable. Haha! Though I was able to walk with my black Giada but this one feels a lot better. I'm so excited to wear them this week! 

Thank you Fancy Flats for this cute shoe pouch and my Php100 GC! I'm looking forward to buy another pair online to avail of the discount. :)

So, do you "Fancy Flats"? I do, from now on. :)