Sunday, September 2, 2012

Do you Fancy Flats? :-)

Back in college I never really love wearing flat shoes. I'm 5 feet flat, and I always wear heels or wedges to cover up for my lack of height. I've always wished I was taller, but I guess I was asleep when God gave the gift of height. Lol! Now that I'm all good with my height, I've come to love flat shoes. :-) Actually, I find it more comfortable wearing flats, especially that my work requires walking from one site to another.

I've known Fancy flats for a while, but I haven't bought one not until I tried on their black Giada flats at The Ramp, Glorietta. I instantly loved it. It's plain and classy, not plain boring. :) I love how Giada makes my wide feet look slimmer. I bought one pair at Php645 ($15). Well, unfortunately for me, size 6 didn't fit me well. It fits me but I can't wear it for too long. (I don't have the most perfect feet so I don't blame them. Hehe) But since I love how classy it looks I decided to pre-order online, but this time I bought one size bigger. I paid on Tuesday afternoon and got the shoes on Thursday. 

This is the package I got:

Though the shoes are a bit big this time, (I told you I have irregular feet. Lol!) buying a shoe cork did the trick. :) My toes fit better and feels more comfortable. Haha! Though I was able to walk with my black Giada but this one feels a lot better. I'm so excited to wear them this week! 

Thank you Fancy Flats for this cute shoe pouch and my Php100 GC! I'm looking forward to buy another pair online to avail of the discount. :)

So, do you "Fancy Flats"? I do, from now on. :)


  1. I love the color of these flats! I dunno why but when scouring malls for flats I can't find anything I like but my my, do I love flats worn by other girls? I always like what others have, like I do now with your fancy flats! :)

  2. I love flats. It's very convenient. I gave up heels for these. comfort > fashion, well that's for me. heh. :D