Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Forever 21 SM Mall of Asia

July 27, 2012 marked another monumental event for Forever 21 Philippines as they opened another branch in SM Mall of Asia. Hundreds of loyal patrons, men and women alike patiently lined up to get the first dibs of the store. I was one of them – or at least I tried.

I arrived at around 12noon, and I was not surprised to see it flocked by a lot of loyal fashionistas. As I surveyed the store I realized it was big, I mean HUGE, bigger than their Makati branch, I think. Even if I frequent the Makati branch I was still in awe to see a lot of clothes and a lot of people. Haha! I feel like they were so frantic in buying clothes. Shopping like there’s no tomorrow, much like doing their own grocery preparing for a storm. =) Not only that, the lines to the counter were suuuppper looong. I was supposed to buy a pair of shoes but since I was pressed for time I didn’t proceed with my purchase. =(

Here are some pictures during the opening of Forever 21 SM Mall of Asia branch.

View from the Escalator

Fashionistas patiently waiting for their turn at the counter

I’m not really a true blue fashionista but I can understand how much they love Forever 21. Ever since it opened its doors here in Manila it became my go-to store for any occasion. =) Their clothes are reasonably priced and trendy. Girls can even tag along their boyfriends to this shop because it also sells clothes for men. Very convenient eh?

Share your Forever 21 experience! Place your comments below. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Food Trip: Papa John's Pizza

My tummy was filled with lots of pizza and pasta yesterday. My fiance and I decided to eat at a restaurant we haven't tried before. I've heard a lot of reviews and raves about Papa John's so I guess it was worth the try.

When we went there yesterday we didn't know that they had an Unlimited Pizza Promo for Php199. Though we decided not to avail of the promo we still came home completely satisfied. We ordered 1 9in. Super Papa's Pizza (Php340), 1 Pasta Bolognaise (Php180) and 1 order of Cheese sticks (Php99)

Overall I am very satisfied with their food! The pizza dough's fresh and it's a bit crunchy, which my fiance loved! The Super Papa pizza is indeed a best seller! I'm not a vegetable lover but I ate all the ingredients that came with the pizza! The bolognaise was a bit oily but nevertheless yummy! I love love the cheese sticks also! It's crunchy, and the dip jives well with it! Since it was our first time we didn't know what to do with the garlic dip but I still used it for our pizza and it was really good! 

Aside from the food, I was pleased with their customer service. Their store manager (Papa John's Arnaiz branch) is always smiling and made us feel really welcomed. Even the guard on duty is very well-mannered! :) I also love the interiors of the restaurant- very casual and clean. I just wish this branch is bigger so it can accommodate more customers. :)

Isn't obvious that I love their food? Haha. Shout out to Papa John for creating this kind of pizza! Have you tried their pizza too? Share your experiences by putting your comments below. :)

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You may also visit their website:  http://www.papajohns.com.ph/

P.S. While writing this post I just realized that my blog is already 1 month old! Yay! :) Congratulations to me and thank you for reading my blog. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Product Review: James Cooper Jazzy Collection Foundation

So far I am enjoying my “hunt” on the perfect make up kit. It’s challenging, but rewarding at the same time. I know you girls feel it too, that “it feeling” when you find the right product. After a successful review on the primer I bought from Majolica Majorca I went on looking for the perfect foundation for me.

As always, I do my research before buying. This is my hard-earned money that I will be spending so as much as possible I don’t want any amount to go to waste. I wanted to invest in foundation because for me it’s something that can make or break your face. You have to find the shade that will blend well with your skin tone.

During my one on one make up session I was taught how to select the right shade of foundie for my face. Here it goes:

Step 1: Select three shades of foundation. The first shade should be the one that you feel fits your skin color, the second is the one that you feel is one shade lighter than your actual skin tone and the third is one shade darker.

Step 2: Apply a stroke of color of each color you chose above your jaw line. Make sure you remember which shade you put where.

Step 3: Bring a mirror with you and step outside to find natural light. Look at the mirror to see which of the three shades blends on the natural light. The one that disappears is the right shade for you.

Honestly I found this exercise challenging especially it's my first time to do this. It took me several trips to the mall to make sure I got the right shade. I even sent Anne pictures of me to make sure I got the right shade. (yes that’s how unsure I am!) And luckily I did!

In search of the right foundation I had to consider its quality and price. I would love to buy the more famous brands but after reading a lot of articles I found one product that has good quality yet affordable price-- James Cooper Jazzy Cream Foundation. So here’s a quick review of the product:

Packaging and Price:

• I am not really particular about packaging, but this is a bit so-so for me. Hehe.
• Retails at Php550. Reasonable enough for me.
• The container looks sturdy. 


• When I opened the container I saw drops of oil on top of my foundation! (but I read a review online that this is normal)
• A little goes a long way – this product provide medium to full coverage. I love how it makes my skin look flawless.
• I can also use this as a concealer! I love how it covered the blemishes I have. It made my dark circles looked lighter!
• The foundation lasted long. I wore this foundie in the morning and it stayed on my skin ‘till the afternoon. Good enough for me.
• I have combination skin but it didn’t make my skin greasy. Maybe it helped that I put on primer and powder to set the foundation.
• I like the product over all but I don’t think I’ll be using this every day because it doesn't have SPF. You can still wear it during the day but please please wear sunblock. :)

See how it lightened my dark circles? :)

I hope you find this review useful. :) 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Product Review: Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie Pore Refiner

In my previous post, I mentioned that I am building my makeup kit. One of the things I need (and there are many of them) is a face primer. I already have an eye primer which came together with my eye palette so face primer is the next thing I need.

After careful and thorough research online, I decided to buy Majolica Majorca Pore refiner at SM Makati. When I went to their stall I found a bountiful of products in very elegant packaging. The saleslady demonstrated how the makeup holds up to your skin when you have a face primer. The blush she sampled looked more pigmented vs. the skin without a face primer. She didn’t mention about the pore refining property, nevertheless I was convinced to buy it and try it at home. And here’s the amazing result. 

I’m morena, but because of the lighting I looked a little fair in the picture. Hehe.  
As you can see in the picture, my pores are open. That’s one of the problems I’ve had ever since I was a teenager. When I applied it on my face, I noticed that it was tinted. I was worried that it  will not fit my skin tone because I'm morena but it became translucent after spreading it evenly on my face. I was very happy with the result, it really made my pores looked finer.  Indeed it stood up to its description! I was even happier when I applied foundation on my face. It really made my skin look flawless! The primer also has SPF20 which helps protect our skin. This is a great product for its price (Php698), and a little application goes a long way.
In its majestic packaging

Reasonable price, with SPF 20, Cute packaging, good coverage, available in SM stores
Very minor- I don’t understand the product information because it’s written in a different language

Do you have this product too? Feel free to share your comments below!

Personal Make Up Class: Check!

So the excitement is over. Last Saturday I finished my first ever one-on-one Personal Makeup class. I enjoyed every moment of our makeup session, thanks to Anne Cillio of Makeup Maven Forever. :) I never thought that I'll be able to properly apply makeup on my face. I just need constant practice. As what Anne said, "Practice Makes Perfect".
My "no makeup" makeup. Sorry for the eyebags! haha
We started around 8:30 am and ended around 12noon. It was a short session but I must say that I learned a lot. When we started the tutorial she asked me to bring out all the make ups I brought. I must admit that some of the make-ups that I have were my mom's since I don't have my own kit. (Hehehe) She evaluated them one by one and gave me feedback if they are okay or not.
My own makeup kit. Not all are mine. Haha.
I'm drooling over the brushes she has! And these are just "some" of what she owns.

It was a light yet very comprehensive session. There are a lot of things she taught which I never really knew at all due to my slight ignorance in this kind of thing. One by one she patiently discussed the brushes that came with makeup brush set that I bought. I had a lot of fun, especially the part when she looked at the foundation I brought. For the longest time I always rely on the sales ladies at the department stores when buying foundation/powders so as expected, they did not match skin tone. Yes I was too lazy to even search the internet so I know it's partly my fault. She also taught me how to groom my eyebrows which I find amazing as well. :) And of course, she also guided me on the proper way of applying makeup. I always thought that I can never put a decent makeup on my face but she proved me wrong. Now I am decided to build my own makeup kit. Haha.

To see Anne Cillo's works: https://www.facebook.com/makeupmavenforever

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ready For Make-Up

You might be surprised that at 30, I do not know how to apply make-up. I may sound like a loser, but it's true. While growing up I was never really interested in putting color on my face. Yes, I know how to apply face powder and lip gloss, but that was about it. At times when I feel like doing it I put some blush on my cheeks, though I am not so sure if I put it right or not. My work doesn't really require me to wear make-up so I never really bothered learning it, until I turned 30.

Tomorrow I will be learning the basics of Personal Make-Up. A former colleague turned make-up artist was nice enough to offer a one-on-one session at a reasonable price. :) I am excited and nervous. It's like going to a new school for the first time. Hehehe.

I want to come prepared so I will be arming myself with this set of makeup brushes from Dashe:

Please be kind enough not to ask questions about the brushes for I won't be able to tell you what they are and how do I use each one. I have to actually use them before I can share anything to you. I've searched WWW. for affordable brushes that fits my criteria. (Positive reviews + Budget). Hopefully these brushes really serve their purpose. :) I'll write my review about these brushes soon! :D

That's it for now. I'm hoping to learn a lot tomorrow. :) Good Night! Life is Really Good! :D

In Love With Kiehl's...

Hello loves! It's payday Friday and I'm loving it! I just came home from SM Mall of Asia to buy myself a Kiehl's product, and now I am about to give my honest review.

My curiosity for this brand started when I read reviews about Kiehl's products. During that time, I was in search of a toner that will replace what I am currently using. As I read the reviews, I found myself getting more and more interested. Finally, I decided to pay their Makati branch a visit and their sales associate graciously gave me samples of the Ultra Facial Oil free toner. I know for a fact that Kiehl's is expensive, so I never really bothered to buy one for myself since I need to try their product first. 
My Kiehl's goody bag :)
That same night, I tried the product. The toner had a very faint scent which I really liked. It was really mild, so I had a bit of hesitation on how effective it's going to be. The following morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that my face is not that oily. (By the way, I used this together with Olay Total effects) Throughout the day, I noticed that my face is still oily, but not as oily as before. I am quite pleased with the result, so I used it the second time. The following day, I noticed a hint of glow on my face. I did not experience any breakouts after using it continuously. And the rest is history. :)

250ml Ultra Facial Oil-free Toner and my samples
Fast forward to this day, I decided to buy their toner. The Ultra Facial Oil free toner costs Php1050. Yes, it may seem costly, but one bottle will last about 4 months, according to the sales associate. I love the fact that it's very gentle yet effective for me. May I just mention how helpful their staff was in answering my questions. (I forgot to get her name, but I will definitely go back) She wasn't pushy in making me buy other products (which I really appreciate). When I paid for my purchase, she was kind enough to give me samples. :) Hopefully, these products will also work well on my skin. :)

I am in love with Kiehl's

- Very mild
- Controls oil throughout the day
- Paraben-free
- Alcohol-free

- Pricey 

Will I purchase again? 
- Yes! I know it will be worth every peso I paid for.

***Note: I am not, in any way affiliated to Kiehl's. This is an unpaid review and I just want to share my rave about this product. :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rest In Peace, John Puruntong

Approximately 1 hour ago I read one of my friend’s status in Facebook that the Philippines’ King of Comedy passed away. I was surprised, because a couple of days ago I just read from the news that his condition is improving.  I didn’t believe it at first since there wasn’t any news about it. Then came the tweets from famous celebrities, still, I refused to believe. After a few minutes, ABS-CBN confirmed that Dolphy (Real name: Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr.) passed away. I felt sadness came over me.

A few weeks back I told my fiancĂ© that I want to write my experience in working with him for this blog. Yes, I had the rare opportunity of being part of the sitcom John en Marsha. If my memory serves me right, I was about 6- 8 years old. My aunt helped me to appear in that famous show. I had a very small role then. I was the child of Yoyoy Martirez and Aurora Sevilla. I can’t recall the story line, but I remember a few details, including the short talk I had with him.

In between the take, I can still vividly remember the King of Comedy called me and asked me to sit on his lap. He smiled and asked me how I was. I was so shy that all I can do was smile. After that, he asked where my mother was. I told him I was with my dad. Then he put me down and I walked away. For one whole day I was there, watching him act together with Nida Blanca, Matutina, Dely Atay Atayan, Atong Redillas and other casts of the show. Since I was a kid then I didn’t really appreciate the whole experience. All I know was that I have to be there and be an “extra” for the day.

While growing up I didn’t want anyone to know that I appeared in that show. I felt so embarrassed each time my parents would tell our relatives in Batangas that I appeared on that show. My fiancĂ© can even attest to this. When I told him about this I asked him to promise me that he wouldn’t tell anyone about it- I was 18 back then when I told him my “secret”. Now that I am much older and know how huge he is in the showbiz industry, I am proud to say that I worked as an “extra” for him. I wish I can have a copy of that episode so I can watch it again. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about this whole experience. It’s a privilege.

I am a very lucky girl. I had the chance to work with the King of Comedy. Even if I had a very little role for that episode I experienced how it is to talk to him and sit on his lap. It was a pleasant experience. He was nice and friendly. He made an effort to make me feel his presence. He may not know me, he might not even remember that I’ve worked with him but I do. I will. Forever.

Rest in Peace, Dolphy, John Puruntong. 

Rodolfo Vera Quizon, Sr.(July 25, 1928 – July 10, 2012)
*credit to Wikipedia for this photo

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Belle de Jour Planner’s Passion Series event – Get Gorgeous!

Hello Bellas! :)

It’s been a week since I attended my first BDJ event at Purebeauty Serendra. I’ve been so busy this week that I wasn’t able to blog. My best friend gave birth to a healthy baby girl, I watched Spiderman with my boyfriend (which I will blog about later) and of course, I had to work. :)

Now to the BDJ event---

It started around 1:45pm, with no less than Karen Bordador as the host for the event. For those who don’t know her, she’s the beautiful and cool radio jock of RX 93.1. When I saw her I she reminded me of Meagan Fox, but the nicer version. :)

Karen Bordador
The event opened with an ice breaker, a game which put everyone at ease. After that, Meg and Jo of Azta Urban Salon presented to us the basics of hair coloring. No, no we weren’t taught how to color our hair. Instead, they provided us useful information on what hair color is fit for every woman.

TRIVIA: Do you know that you can identify what hair color will suit you by looking at the veins on your wrist?  Most Asians, especially Filipinas have green veins, therefore, warm colors such as copper, will let our skin glow and look lighter. They also gave us tips on what stylists need to know about a client in recommending a hair color. :)

Dr. Maybel Colayco of Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center also shared her expertise in the dermatology field. She provided us useful information and alternative treatments on common skin problems of women. After her talk a dentist who’s also under the same company shared her knowledge on the latest technologies in improving the appearance of our teeth. She also discussed how a nice set of teeth affects our self-confidence and the way we deal with other people.

The last (but definitely not the least) speakers were Donna Andrada and Rea Pinpin. Donna is the Marketing Head of the company who established Purebeauty in the Philippines. Purebeauty is one of the leading stores who carries famous beauty products such as MUD, Urban Decay, Orly, NYX and a lot more.

Rea Pinpin is a makeup artist by profession and a graduate of MUD Philippines. She is also one of the instructors of MUD, which is considered as the “Harvard” of the Makeup industry worldwide. She talked about Make-Up 101. This portion was the most useful for me since I know nothing about makeup. One lucky girl also got the chance to have a make-over by no less than Rea.

Rea Pinpin doing the makeover
The lucky girl who got a makeover

During the break cookies (courtesy of Bizu) were provided to the participants. Speakers also kept the audience alive by giving prizes to active participants- that includes me! The biggest prizes came from MUD who gave away two gift certificates worth 9000 each! The two lucky girls will be attending either the Personal make up workshop or Personal hairstyling class. (I soooo envy them!)

Make-Up Designory Manila

Yes I won these!
All participants did not go home empty handed. At the end of the event goodies from Athena, Carb trim, Clarity, Azta Urban Salon and Get Laud!, Havaianas were given away. :)

Love the goodies! One happy Bella!

I really enjoyed attending my first Passion Series event. Thank you so much Belle De Jour Power planner for making me a part of your event. It was really fun!

Ciao Bellas! :)