Thursday, June 28, 2012

UNIQLO- Back to Basics

Last June 15, Uniqlo opened its first store in the Philippines. I never really paid much attention to it until my sister showed me the polo shirts she bought worth 595 pesos (originally priced at 995 pesos). Surprisingly, the shirts were of very good quality for the price. She also said that the shirts fit her well so I decided to drop by the store. Before I went there I already decided that I will only buy one shirt since it's not part of my budget.

The picture below is the shirt I purchased. A gray pique polo shirt priced at 595 pesos(Original price is 995 pesos). Most of the polo shirts on sale do not have my size anymore, so I was lucky I still got this. When I tried it on I immediately decided to buy it. Why? I loved how it fits me and for the price, it's very reasonable. The fabric is comparable to the Lacoste polo shirt I have, which is very durable. Though I can't vouch for its durability yet, I can say that this is a good buy. 

Uniqlo offers a wide range of basic casual clothes- from shirts, to polo shirts, cardigans down to shorts and trousers. It's a shopping haven for people who love to buy clothes which never go out of style. For me, it's a budget-friendly version of Gap. When I went around the store the most expensive item I saw was at 1495 pesos. Aside from the prices of their items I must say that I am very impressed with their staff. They were very attentive to my needs, even if I bought only one shirt. :)

You may visit their Philippines site at:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Something Fishy II

In my previous post, I cooked pasta in sardines. This time, I cooked Spicy Tuna pasta for dinner. I don't know why but I just love these kinds of pasta. :) I found myself craving for fish pasta (again!) so I cooked this one. Luckily, I still have 2 cans of tuna to use for this recipe. I love mixing tomato chunks with it for it balances the flavor and the taste.  I love how a pasta can be so healthy yet delicious at the same time. 


Again, I'm not a chef or even a good cook. I'm sending my apologies in advance since I don't measure the ingredients I use. I am used to experimenting and imagining how I want my food to taste like. So far, I haven't disappointed anyone. (Lucky me, lol!)

My Spicy Tuna Spaghetti

2 cans of Spicy Century Tuna in flakes 
1/2 can of Hunts Tomato Chunks
Italian Herb Spices
Salt and Pepper to taste
A little tomato sauce for flavor

The directions on how to cook is the same as to how I cooked my pasta in sardines. Click here for my previous post.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Something Fishy...

For two weeks I've been thinking of cooking a different type of pasta. I'm so used to cooking the regular spaghetti in meat sauce, and I felt that I needed to try something new- and the thought of Sardines pasta suddenly came in.

I know this may not be new to you, (especially if you cook a lot) but for me it is. :-) I didn't follow any recipe, I just followed my own instinct on what to put in to my new "masterpiece". Luckily, my fiance loved it. He said it got the right taste, even if he didn't topped it with lots of cheese.


250g Spaghetti Pasta (cooked)
1 small jar of Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil
Tomato Chunks
Salt and Pepper to taste
Italian Herbs

How to Cook It? It's really very simple and takes only 5-10 minutes to prepare:

Sautee the onions, sardines, and tomato chunks in olive oil from the Spanish sardines. Sprinkle the Italian herbs and basil. Add the cheese. Mix the pasta with the sauce in low heat . Add salt and pepper to taste. 

TIPS: Use the Olive Oil with the Spanish Sardines to make it yummier. Another thing is: COOK WITH LOVE. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Guards in Costumes

Every so often, one of the malls in Makati has this gimmick of letting their guards wear costumes according to their theme. I've seen their guards wear Michael Jackson costumes, Chinese costumes and Anime costumes. It's weird but at the same time entertaining. 

When I went to this mall a couple of weeks ago I saw the guards donned in school uniforms. (So I'm guessing Back-to-School is their theme for the month of June)

Here it is:

Product of Boredom

Yes I am bored so I chopped off my jeans :)

As I was cleaning my closet I found a pair of jeans that I haven't worn for a long time. It was a cool pair of jeans I bought from Forever 21. Honestly, I really didn't know that I have this. (Not because I have a lot but I just forgot about it) And so I tried it on, and when I looked at the mirror  I realized there's something wrong with how it fits me. After some thought I decided to create a pair of shorts out of it. 

Too bad I didn't take a picture before it was cut but I tried my best to stick the chopped pieces together. hehehe. :) I'm still thinking of ways on how to make it look distressed. :)

The World of Blogging

Yehessss! :) After a long time I finally decided to have my own blog. I used to write when I was young. I write poems, stories and anything under the sun. I can't exactly remember the reason why I stopped. Now that I'm getting older I guess it's high time for me to go back to writing.

I'll blog when I can. I may blog in English or Filipino(Yes, I'm a proud Pinoy). I'll try to write when there's something interesting or write just because I want to. 

You may wonder why I used Chinitang Morena . Honestly, I found it so hard to think of catchy and creative names to use for my personal blog, so I said to myself "why not use a name that would somehow describe how I look like?" Hence the name Chinitang Morena. :) Yes I am morena and chinita - No chinese blood but my eyes are small (at least I think) with no eyelids (talukap in Filipino). So there. hehe.

Enjoy! :)