Saturday, June 23, 2012

The World of Blogging

Yehessss! :) After a long time I finally decided to have my own blog. I used to write when I was young. I write poems, stories and anything under the sun. I can't exactly remember the reason why I stopped. Now that I'm getting older I guess it's high time for me to go back to writing.

I'll blog when I can. I may blog in English or Filipino(Yes, I'm a proud Pinoy). I'll try to write when there's something interesting or write just because I want to. 

You may wonder why I used Chinitang Morena . Honestly, I found it so hard to think of catchy and creative names to use for my personal blog, so I said to myself "why not use a name that would somehow describe how I look like?" Hence the name Chinitang Morena. :) Yes I am morena and chinita - No chinese blood but my eyes are small (at least I think) with no eyelids (talukap in Filipino). So there. hehe.

Enjoy! :)

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