Saturday, July 21, 2012

Personal Make Up Class: Check!

So the excitement is over. Last Saturday I finished my first ever one-on-one Personal Makeup class. I enjoyed every moment of our makeup session, thanks to Anne Cillio of Makeup Maven Forever. :) I never thought that I'll be able to properly apply makeup on my face. I just need constant practice. As what Anne said, "Practice Makes Perfect".
My "no makeup" makeup. Sorry for the eyebags! haha
We started around 8:30 am and ended around 12noon. It was a short session but I must say that I learned a lot. When we started the tutorial she asked me to bring out all the make ups I brought. I must admit that some of the make-ups that I have were my mom's since I don't have my own kit. (Hehehe) She evaluated them one by one and gave me feedback if they are okay or not.
My own makeup kit. Not all are mine. Haha.
I'm drooling over the brushes she has! And these are just "some" of what she owns.

It was a light yet very comprehensive session. There are a lot of things she taught which I never really knew at all due to my slight ignorance in this kind of thing. One by one she patiently discussed the brushes that came with makeup brush set that I bought. I had a lot of fun, especially the part when she looked at the foundation I brought. For the longest time I always rely on the sales ladies at the department stores when buying foundation/powders so as expected, they did not match skin tone. Yes I was too lazy to even search the internet so I know it's partly my fault. She also taught me how to groom my eyebrows which I find amazing as well. :) And of course, she also guided me on the proper way of applying makeup. I always thought that I can never put a decent makeup on my face but she proved me wrong. Now I am decided to build my own makeup kit. Haha.

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