Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Food Trip: Papa John's Pizza

My tummy was filled with lots of pizza and pasta yesterday. My fiance and I decided to eat at a restaurant we haven't tried before. I've heard a lot of reviews and raves about Papa John's so I guess it was worth the try.

When we went there yesterday we didn't know that they had an Unlimited Pizza Promo for Php199. Though we decided not to avail of the promo we still came home completely satisfied. We ordered 1 9in. Super Papa's Pizza (Php340), 1 Pasta Bolognaise (Php180) and 1 order of Cheese sticks (Php99)

Overall I am very satisfied with their food! The pizza dough's fresh and it's a bit crunchy, which my fiance loved! The Super Papa pizza is indeed a best seller! I'm not a vegetable lover but I ate all the ingredients that came with the pizza! The bolognaise was a bit oily but nevertheless yummy! I love love the cheese sticks also! It's crunchy, and the dip jives well with it! Since it was our first time we didn't know what to do with the garlic dip but I still used it for our pizza and it was really good! 

Aside from the food, I was pleased with their customer service. Their store manager (Papa John's Arnaiz branch) is always smiling and made us feel really welcomed. Even the guard on duty is very well-mannered! :) I also love the interiors of the restaurant- very casual and clean. I just wish this branch is bigger so it can accommodate more customers. :)

Isn't obvious that I love their food? Haha. Shout out to Papa John for creating this kind of pizza! Have you tried their pizza too? Share your experiences by putting your comments below. :)

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P.S. While writing this post I just realized that my blog is already 1 month old! Yay! :) Congratulations to me and thank you for reading my blog. 


  1. Thanks for reading! I would love to go back to this place :-)

  2. Yes it's really yummy Lyra! I will try their other flavors next time. :-)

  3. pizza looks soooo yummy!

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