Monday, July 23, 2012

Product Review: James Cooper Jazzy Collection Foundation

So far I am enjoying my “hunt” on the perfect make up kit. It’s challenging, but rewarding at the same time. I know you girls feel it too, that “it feeling” when you find the right product. After a successful review on the primer I bought from Majolica Majorca I went on looking for the perfect foundation for me.

As always, I do my research before buying. This is my hard-earned money that I will be spending so as much as possible I don’t want any amount to go to waste. I wanted to invest in foundation because for me it’s something that can make or break your face. You have to find the shade that will blend well with your skin tone.

During my one on one make up session I was taught how to select the right shade of foundie for my face. Here it goes:

Step 1: Select three shades of foundation. The first shade should be the one that you feel fits your skin color, the second is the one that you feel is one shade lighter than your actual skin tone and the third is one shade darker.

Step 2: Apply a stroke of color of each color you chose above your jaw line. Make sure you remember which shade you put where.

Step 3: Bring a mirror with you and step outside to find natural light. Look at the mirror to see which of the three shades blends on the natural light. The one that disappears is the right shade for you.

Honestly I found this exercise challenging especially it's my first time to do this. It took me several trips to the mall to make sure I got the right shade. I even sent Anne pictures of me to make sure I got the right shade. (yes that’s how unsure I am!) And luckily I did!

In search of the right foundation I had to consider its quality and price. I would love to buy the more famous brands but after reading a lot of articles I found one product that has good quality yet affordable price-- James Cooper Jazzy Cream Foundation. So here’s a quick review of the product:

Packaging and Price:

• I am not really particular about packaging, but this is a bit so-so for me. Hehe.
• Retails at Php550. Reasonable enough for me.
• The container looks sturdy. 


• When I opened the container I saw drops of oil on top of my foundation! (but I read a review online that this is normal)
• A little goes a long way – this product provide medium to full coverage. I love how it makes my skin look flawless.
• I can also use this as a concealer! I love how it covered the blemishes I have. It made my dark circles looked lighter!
• The foundation lasted long. I wore this foundie in the morning and it stayed on my skin ‘till the afternoon. Good enough for me.
• I have combination skin but it didn’t make my skin greasy. Maybe it helped that I put on primer and powder to set the foundation.
• I like the product over all but I don’t think I’ll be using this every day because it doesn't have SPF. You can still wear it during the day but please please wear sunblock. :)

See how it lightened my dark circles? :)

I hope you find this review useful. :)