Saturday, October 6, 2012

How I Counted My Blessings Over Breakfast...

While eating my breakfast (my ever favorite pan de sal and coffee) I looked back on how my 2012 has been so far. I recalled all the things that I have prayed for to have and to happen in my life. As I mentally create a checklist I noticed that I never got the material things that I wanted to have when I reach 30 and they are the following:
  1. A brand new spanking Louis Vuitton bag
  2. A new MAC book laptop to replace my 2 year old lappy
  3. A new mobile phone (just because I want a new one)
  4. A new SLR
  5. A brand new car
Yes, those are the things that I asked from Him. He didn't give me the opportunity but instead he gave me these:
  1. A reunion with my family early this year. (They live in US and UAE and this is the first time we reunited after my father died.)
  2. I finally got the chance to be with my cutie patootie niece! :)
  3. No major health issues for my loved ones.
  4. Our first ever out of the country trip as a family.
  5. My sister graduated from college.
  6. My ex-boyfriend, now fiance proposed and now we're currently engaged. :) (Yihee!)
  7. I reached the age of 30. haha
  8. I was able to have the courage to eat vegetable salad (Yes, this is already a feat for me)
  9. Two of my closest friends safely delivered a baby boy and girl. :)
  10. I learned how to apply make up on my face.
  11. I learned how to cook -- A LITTLE. :)
  12. My fiance and I reconnected with old college friends. Plus I gained new friends. My old friends are still my friends. :-)
  13. A U.S. visa - finally I have one after being denied in 2010.
  14. A Christmas with my whole family (minus my dad+) this year.
He may not have given me the material things I wanted but instead He gave me more, more than I can ever wish for. I know there's a lot to add but here's what I can remember so far. I must say that 2012, so far has been a great year for me. Yes, I will not lie and tell you that I still want that bag and that car (who wouldn't? Hehe), but may be God said I'll have it in due time.
Still, my life is not perfect, I still have those occasional problems, petty fights and I still get stressed out over other things. And that's the reality of life. However, we must always remember to take the time and pause, reflect and look back on all the great things that have happened in our life. And I call that counting our blessings. And yes, my friend this happened over breakfast. :)
Have a great weekend everyone!
Chinitang Morena

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  1. I agree with you! The Lord may not always give us what we wants, but He surely gives us everything we need,. And He also gives us what we never thought we'd want but turned out to be so much better than what we thought we wanted. :)