Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Call Out to Globe Telecom

“Enjoy your Globe Your Way” – such a contradicting tagline for the service I am getting now.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not starting a hate campaign against Globe. I’ve been a loyal Globe subscriber for several years and I love the company dearly, even until now that I'm not getting the best of their service. I just need to let it out.

For the past few weeks I’ve experienced a significant drop in the quality of their service. Every now and then, I have to go to my phone’s settings and turn my 3g off and on to get a better reception. I didn’t mind this at first, as I thought this is just one of the days when signal’s down. However, I noticed that it has become a routine for me. I don’t think this is an isolated case, since my fiancé also experiences the same thing. As time went by my phone’s internet service is also extremely affected. I am having a difficult time getting a decent connection, be it in Makati CBD or other places. This also happens at home where having a strong 3g signal and fast internet connection used to be automatic. I had to resort to rebooting my phone, hoping that the connection gets better. At times it works but it’s just a hassle having to go through that unnecessary process – such a waste of time and effort.

Communicating with friends and loved ones has also been difficult. Late SMS, dropped calls and unable to connect a call – these experiences bring me back to the era when mobile phones just started to boom. I hate the fact that I try to call my fiancé and hear a “subscriber cannot be reached” recording when I know his phone is switched on or hear a fast busy tone. What’s more frustrating is when I finally hear him say “hello” the call gets dropped. Oh my.

I'm a very patient person so I understand that every now and then issues like these may happen. However these things become annoying when they last for weeks. I pay for an unlimited internet service and I have a certain amount in my plan for my calls and texts so I deserve to get what I pay for.

Again, I am not starting a hate campaign. Perhaps Globe’s bigwigs aren’t aware that this is happening, and this is the only way I can think of to reach out to them. (I don’t even know if they’ll read this. Lol!) Well, it’s worth the try. =)

I already reported this issue to Globe. I will post an update for you. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Stay tuned. =)


  1. I am having the same woes with my internet service provider too. I keep contacting them every time my internet connection breaks. I just want to switch to another provider since this is such a hassle to my work.

  2. Are you using Globe too? I just hope Globe is doing something about this.